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Trucks & Skulls Is A Great Time-Waster on the iPad & iPhone

The game I've been wasting the most time with on my iPad lately is an Angry Birds clone called Trucks & Skulls. While the cosmetic changes from Angry Birds are a little more manly (skulls instead of pigs and trucks instead of birds) the gameplay is mostly the same. Which, considering how good Angry Birds is, isn't a bad thing at all. The puzzles are both fun and challenging, and just like Angry Birds you'll find yourself replaying the same level over and over again just to get that right combination of destruction.

There are some additions too, like a reward system that lets you "buy" new tricked-out trucks and periodic challenges for more "coins." And like a lot of casual games these days, you can buy the coins with actual money. So if you're letting your kids play it on your iPad, make sure you've locked in-app purchases.

I paid for the game itself, but apparently now you don't have to. Trucks & Skulls NITRO HD for the iPad and Trucks & Skulls NITRO for the iPhone is now free in the iTunes App Store.