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Left 4 Dead Fan Film Is So Much More

Take nine minutes and thirteen seconds to watch this awesome fan film of Left 4 Dead. Sure, I'll watch almost anything with zombies, but promise me you'll hang in there until 5:30 or so. Trust me.

As bitterkenny said, "So epic."


Dead Island Looking More Popular Than Anticipated

So I went to my local Best Buy on Wednesday morning to pick up a copy of Dead Island, not having pre-ordered one and assuming they would have plenty of copies. Apparently I was wrong. The guy I talked to said that they completely sold out on the first day and they wouldn't have any more in until Friday at the earliest. I had him look up inventory at the other stores and they were completely sold out at every Best Buy in Vegas.

And it seems Vegas isn't an abberation, because after letting the other Gentlemen know, Jason found that the closest copy at a Best Buy in Boston was in a suburb way outside of town. Can this game be the sleeper hit that proves to be as popular among the big name titles coming out in the next few months?

My solution? Amazon Prime to the rescue. Four dollars for overnight shipping and it will cost me about as much as I'd pay at Best Buy with tax.

Get your copy now. Dead Island is still available for $59.99 at